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You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them.

Jay Abraham 

Stress ?



Learn how to manage stress and your own emotional states to gain higher performance and self-control

Start at any level, from beginner
to expert. 
Empower Effective Communication



Are you communicating with other people effectively? 


Have you ever experienced repeating your messages to the SAME person...

over  again and over again ? 



Enlarge your selling potentials

Conversation Lab


Convert your suspect to prospect? But how ?


Able to create opportunity everywhere, everytime as and when you want it ?

planning, business enhancement, personal empowerment
Upcoming Event Schedule
  • 16th Aug |Enhance Power2Sell Seminar
  • 26th Sept |3Cs Effective Salesmanship Workshop
  • 25th  Oct | Enhance Power2Sell Seminar

Self Enrichment


It’s NEVER about your age, gender, profession or your social status-- Self Enrichment Program is for everyone... for people who wants to live a better life than what they are currently experience. 

Infinite Altitude "Excellent Life System" will assist you to gain enlightenment, to be empower and to enhance quality of your life.

Enhance your Selling Skills - Sell More Sell Deeper !




Learn how to establish a positive identity in the minds of your customers


Excellence comes from RESULTS !

Check out the testimonials !

Excellence, Results, Success, Beliefs, profit, financial freedom,
Beliefs 2 Success
Speaking with 6000 audience
MPH Malaysia international book Fair
Power2Sell Event
Beliefs 2 Success
Vision of Infinite Altitude
Breaking Limiting Beliefs, singapore
MPH Kuala Lumpur
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