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What is your VISION for your business or your career? What opportunity are you looking at ? How far do you want your business to go ? Are your business growing TOWARDS your VISION and GOALS ? How can you grow your business TOWARDS your VISION & GOALS? 

These are some basic questions that you should ask yourself, while you are having own business, or you're working for someone.

If you want MORE Results in business, and you are not having it , is because you don’t know HOW TO GET IT ...YET ! 

Our Business Enhancement Program is specially designed for entrepreneur, business owner, sales person, and even general workers.


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Enhance Power2Sell Seminar

Learn Clare's Secrets Insider Tips to excel phenomenally in your career or business.

  • How to bring your message to market Instantly & Effectively

  • How to upsell

  • Make more money regardless if market is up or down

  • Avoid some of the biggest mistake made by most sales people


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Power2Sell Workshop

This is  a 4 day interactive program with 4 coaching session to discover your true-self, overcome the challenges that has STOPS you from being excellent and discover the true meaning of selling and it’s required skills.

Learn how others behave, process information and how you can work with them.

Remove what stops you to sell, to sell anything you want !


This course is specially designed for people who wants to achieve greater altitude in life, career, personal, family and wealth. If you are a business owner or you are in sales and marketing field, or someone who is performing buying activities (such as purchaser, buyer), or you are working with human resource, then this is the RIGHT course for you!


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3Cs Effective Salesmanship Workshop

This is  a 2day interactive program with 2 coaching session to discover the art of selling and techniques to sell. This course is specially designed for business owner, sales and marketing people who wants to enhance their business,to achieve more sales.


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