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94% don’t get what they want in life. Infinite Altitude's Self Enrichment Program has literally transformed people’s lives.


Self Enrichment Program works for everyone, everywhere, everytime. 

"Living with Excellence" workshop is designed for individuals who want to Live Their Life By Design, Not By Default. This is an interactive and hands-on training program that helps the participants create awareness, activate their inner potential and achieve their greatest heart desires and a fulfilling life.

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Beliefs2Success Seminar


This is  a 90 minutes interactive program, for people who wants to identify the limits in them and to learn new ways to break through the limits that has “stop”  them from achieving greater results in life. This program will enlighten you, your true potential, empowering you with tools to enhance your results in life. 

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Living with Excellence Workshop


This is  a 2 day interactive workshop program with 3  coaching session for people who wants to achieve greater heights in life; career, personal, family and wealth. Transforming mindset, behaviors and habits to achieve a balance life by identifying and overcoming the challenges, obstacles and limiting beliefs in you.  This program will equip you with proven system, tools and techniques that will help you and bring new insights into your life, creating the perfect mind map in you to overcome challenges in life to live a life that you never think you could, enabling you to live a life you truly desired, to live by design not by default. 

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Excellent Life System DVD set


This is Clare's very own “Excellent Life System” that has save her from the verge of bankruptcy and death.

What is your life costing you to NOT have “CLARITY” about yourself ?

 “Excellent Life System” will enable you to experience HOW it would be to have a “One to One” consulting session with Clare . Clare has put in a lot of her heart and hardwork in this video so she will be able to NOT only give you CLARITY & ENLIGHTMENT, to enable you to move forward but also giving you lots of :

  • Empowerment

  • Encourgament

  • Enhancement 


To BE EXCELLENT in life, to Live your life by Design not by Default!

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