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A consultant is someone who saves his client almost enough to pay his fee.


Arnold H. Glasow

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Our Name

We believe there is INFINITE potential in every individual regardless of age, culture, race or religion, what we need is the key to unlock individuals potential, and everyone could reach their desire altitude without limit. Hence Infinite Altitude is born.

Mission &

Our mission - to unlock individuals potentials, enable them to live a life that they desired, to live a life they have never live live a life that they never thought it is possible.


Our vision - To Transform The Life’s of A Million People By Year 2020!

Sales Tips, Strategy, ways to sell, customer, success, excellence, client
Breaking Limiting Beliefs, Personal Development, transformation, empowerment

"Breaking Limiting Beliefs" is one of the Best Seller in Kinokuniya Singapore bookstore and it's available in MPH Malaysia . Learn how to Overcome your Challenges from "IMPOSSIBLE" to "I'M POSSIBLE" !


"Enrol & Retain Customers For Life" is only available for trainee that participate in our workshops. Explore the tools to get new customers and learn how to retain them for life !

Learn how to Convert Suspect to Propect, Converting Customers to Clients, and so much more !


You will get enlightenment and new insights from the books !

breaking limiting Beliefs, success, personal development, enhancement, freedom, happiness
breaking limiting Beliefs, success, personal development, enhancement, freedom, happiness
Clare Liang, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Consultant ,Speaker

Clare Liang was once the General Manager for Bactiguard, a well-known Swedish medical company based in Malaysia. In 2007 and 2012, she negotiated two Swedish medical investments totalling MYR 10.7 million into Malaysia.


Under her leadership, Bactiguard (and the previous company Redsense Medical) achieved remarkable product-quality metrics of zero product recalls and zero customer complaints; an unheard-of annual staff-turnover-rate of almost zero percent for both white-collar and blue-collar workers; and one of the highest productivity rates in the Malaysian manufacturing industry.


Her secret: a family-oriented, scrupulously-fair work environment that stresses employer-cum-professional considerations (quality, productivity, mutual respect) as well as employee needs (a safe and pleasant workplace, constant skill upgrading, a genuine listening ear).


With debts of over  MYR 300,000 Clare was on the verge of bankruptcy in 2003, and by 2005 had managed to completely repay them and purchase a lovely 5,000 square feet home. She credits her self-belief for the turnaround.


Over the course of an eventful journey in life, she has come to realise that there are an enormous number of employees (and employers) living unhappy, unpurposeful, unfulfilled lives; of people consciously and unconsciously belittling themselves; of people on their deathbed burdened with huge regrets; of people struggling to live their life amidst limiting beliefs, fear and seemingly-unsurmountable problems.


Clare has resolved to do everything she can to inspire, to empower and to make a difference in other peoples lives. She wants to share the personal life experiences, insights, strategies and tools that have allowed her to be the master of her life, to let her life by design and not by default.

She believes that everyone can learn to do the same, and wants to reach out to as many people as she can with her message to take control of your own life, to live a life of passion and excellence, to live life by design – to live a life with no limiting beliefs.


Clare is also the author of the books "Breaking Limiting Beliefs" and "Enrol & Retain Customers for Life".



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